BDO-Connect Logo

BDO Connect is our on-line application system that enables lender, BDO, and borrower to collaborate throughout the application process. BDO Connect securely passes information directly to PCFS Solution’s Credit.Wrx loan origination software and eliminates the need for manual data entry. Borrowers can upload all the required documentation through our E-Z App! and all the information and documents are contained in one location and linked directly to the specific loan application.

By streamlining the process, BDO Connect accelerates electronic application submissions and provides real-time loan analysis. Lenders can have access to all active loans in their pipeline with up-to-date real-time data that can be accessed through a browser. Your business development officers can generate quick loan analysis reports, review their borrower checklists, and stay abreast of the active loans within their pipelines. Our platform includes tools and alerts to effectively manage the pipeline from the application phase through closing.

BDO Connect Benefits:
  • Enables lender, BDO & borrower to collaborate throughout the application process
  • Provides real-time loan analysis, BDO pipeline and status updates
  • Seamlessly passes all application data to Credit.Wrx
  • Features document storage which can be shared by all parties needing access
  • Custom Checklists and reminders that fit your established processes
  • Prequalification Business Cashflow Calculator
  • Exports data to Excel and Adobe