Loan Servicing Solutions

Servicing Solutions

PCFS Solutions is committed to creating the industry’s best lending solutions and a great experience for our customers. Our servicing solutions offer powerful and comprehensive loan accounting, reporting and remittance capabilities along with simplified loan workout and liquidation. Designed to be flexible, scalable and easy to use, the Loan Manager and Special Asset Manager solutions deliver professional-grade accounting capabilities along with reliable, fully automated reporting. Our solutions can be further enhanced with a wide range of loan servicing modules designed to implement specific accounting and reporting processes to meet your lending needs and help you overcome your most substantial challenges.


Powerful Servicing, Reporting & Remittances:
  • Provides reliable and fully-automated reporting including 1502 reporting to the FTA
  • Be audit-ready with user security, comprehensive audit records, and a detailed Chron file
  • Advanced document tracking, tickler and internal control systems
  • Additional Loan Manager modules available
  • Processes payments and can interface data to your Core system
  • Calculates splits between sold loans, participations, coupon rates, and tracks premiums on sold loans flawlessly


Flexible Liquidation Management & Tracking:
  • Guides you through the cost benefit analysis
  • Tracks and documents defaulted loans throughout the workout and liquidation process
  • Coordinates all workout and liquidation documentation in one place
  • Detailed collateral & lien tracking
  • Care and preservation of collateral expense tracking
  • Liquidation plan and reporting

Optional Modules

Our optional modules enhance your Loan Manager platform to accomplish your specific reporting and accounting needs. You can add these modules to create your unique end-to-end business lending platform for a complete and streamlined prospect to payoff solution.

As-Billed/Mortgage Loan Module

Allows the Bank to service all types of conventional business loans, revolving lines of credit and commercial mortgages.

FASB 166 Regulatory Loan Sale Accounting

Automates loan sale accounting processes
Calculates and reallocates loan premium and amortization to the lender’s general ledger. These transactions are then accurately represented in the daily activity report to reflect the respective entries.

Multiple Bank Module

Manages multi-portfolio lending models
Services loans across multiple portfolios or lending Institutions. Enables each lender to be reported independently and provides separate participation settlement reports (1502) for each portfolio.

Multiple Participant Accounting

Reports on non-SBA secondary market sales
Creates investor remittance reports for lender’s selling to participants not serviced by Colson Services Corporation.

Metro 2 Interface

Fulfills Credit Bureau reporting requirements
Deploys monthly electronic submission of loan data to the major credit reporting agencies including Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion.

Interest/Commission Strip Module

Servicing and commission fee management
Calculates and strips servicing and commission fees from lender’s selected income account(s) based on payment activity.

Escrow Module

Comprehensive escrow processing and accounting
Tracks, calculates and analyzes escrow payments, billings, collection, interest accrual and refund amounts. Eliminates the need to manually track and pay various tax authorities and insurance agencies.


Manages multi-portfolio lending models
Services loans across multiple portfolios or lending institutions. Enables each lender to be reported independently and provides separate participation settlement reports (1502) for each portfolio.

General Ledger (G/L) Interface

Creates a daily transaction interface to lender’s general ledger system
Captures all money and accrual transactions, then accurately and seamlessly transfers entries to the core accounting system. Eliminates manual posting of transactions via “tickets” or individual online entries.

ACH Interface

Enables funds to be drawn from the borrowers’ deposit accounts
Automates payment postings including external financial institutions, then transmits NACHA file to the Federal Reserve or to the lenders’ correspondent bank. Eliminates the need for you to manually update payment amounts in the ACH system.

Customer Information File (CIF) Interface

Customer information file accessibility
Extends key customer information from Loan Manager to lender’s core system, providing detailed loan information to branch offices.

BIC Export

Comprehensive data for analytics and warehousing
Loan Manager data (CIF, loan, participant, Loan/CIF) is assembled for downstream reporting and warehousing.


  Fragmented Processes Accurate Accounting Accurate Participant Payment Disbursement Accurate 1502 Reporting Protecting your SBA Guaranty
Lending Challenges With multiple systems and multiple databases that are not connected, the same data often must be entered into 3 or 4 separate systems which lead to data entry errors. Many lenders manually track loan accounting processes (non-performing, partial charge offs and liquidations) in separate spreadsheets. For SBA lenders, this can be further complicated by the need to track SBA 172, SBA liquidation receivables and FASB 166. Principal and interest split, late charges and escrow collection can be difficult to properly track. Lenders also must be able to accurately track multiple participant loans, automatic pre-payments and subsidy recoupment fee calculations on pre-pays. Creating 1502 reports for SBA lenders typically take from several hours to days to pull together. Accuracy is essential to properly track payment reversals and adjustments to keep all payments in balance with Colson participants. Timely covenant tracking is a critical part of loan servicing. For SBA lenders, it is a crucial part of protecting your guaranty.
Our Solutions A single data source handles the entire loan process – from application through servicing and payoff or liquidation. Data never needs to be entered more than once, reducing manual processes and eliminating errors. Loan Manager handles all aspects of loan accounting and disbursement within a single database that is fully compatible with most general ledger systems. From the point of application, the system can track good faith deposits, disbursements, payments, non-accrual, charge-off shadow accounting and REO. It can seamlessly backdate and automatically recalculate subsequent transaction activity. The system also provides real-time results when posting any monetary transaction – so there is no need to wait for overnight processing results. The system includes all standard and required reports. A fully automated 1502 reporting system maintains and reconciles Colson’s trust account, and all other investor account balances. Reports can be generated with the click of a button eliminating late settlement penalties. Loan Manager’s robust tickler system enables lenders to track loan covenants. Comprehensive communications features give lenders the ability to email or mail borrowers regarding important events and deadlines. It includes ticklers for all SBA loan authorization requirements.