Origination Solutions

Origination Solutions

PCFS Solutions is committed to creating the industry’s best origination solutions platform that solves today’s business lending challenges. Our platform streamlines the loan origination process, from applicant inquiry through loan funding, and provides automated loan processing and underwriting analysis. Credit teams, borrowers, and other stakeholders can collaborate through the communication features and document portals, which increases efficiency. The origination solutions platform is designed to maintain all application data in a single record, which eliminates redundancies and integrates with our Loan Manager application. This integration creates an end-to-end business lending platform that handles the entire loan lifecycle.


On-Line Application & Document Portal:
  • Enables Lender, BDO & Borrower to collaborate throughout the application process
  • Custom checklists and reminders that fit your established processes
  • Provides real-time loan analysis, BDO pipeline and status updates
  • Features Document storage which can be shared by all parties needing access
  • Exports data via Excel and PDF formats


Automated Loan Origination & Closing:
  • Automates forms processing to improve efficiency & compliance
  • Closing & documentation tools simplify audits and maintain compliance
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry reducing a cause of many errors
  • Features full financial & underwriting analysis
  • Includes robust internal controls and tickler system
  • Automates all MS Word documents with PCFS Word.Wrx (included)
  • Maintains documents in individual loan records


  Fragmented Processes Collaboration SBA & Regulatory Changes SBA 10 Tab Complicated Tracking & Reporting
Lending Challenges Multiple standalone systems and separate Excel files require duplicate data entry. This manual process in no only inefficient, it can resullt in data entry errors. Collaboration between lender and borrower during the loan application process is often tedious and time-consuming. Without a truly connected solution, it can be virtually
impossible for lenders to share information
and collaborate within the loan portfolio.
SBA regulatory changes are constantly evolving making it difficult for lenders to track and stay current. For SBA lenders, the creation of 10 Tab wrap up reports, must be accurate and completed in full. Incomplete 10 Tab submissions result in losses due to delays from settling repairs or denials. Without the right tools, tracking loans and getting the right reports can be complicated and labor-intensive. Manually managing these processes is inefficient and costly to your business.
Our Solutions All loan application data and related documents are stored in a single data file that seamlessly flows from BDO Connect to Credit.Wrx and then into our loan servicing solutions. This single point of application data eliminates the need for any additional data enntry and ensures accuracy across the loan lifecycle BDO Connect enables the lender and borrower to electronically collaborate on gathering all of the necessary information and documentation required to efficiently complete the loan process. The most up-to-date SBA loan application and funding forms are also pushed out through ongoing software updates to ensure compliance with the latest SOP and regulatory requirements. SBA lenders can produce a 10 Tab report with the click of a mouse because all origination data and documents are automatically grouped and formatted. There is no need to upload files one by one. Our origination solution
streamlines and automates key tracking processes, such as BDO pipeline tracking and application status reports.